Our prices are very favourable, so we look forward to welcome you as our customer. According to our discount policy we give a loyalty card after the 20th disc cut, which entitles you to a 5% discount.
In case of a larger quantity order please askfor an individual offer!
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The price of a cut disc is defined by three elements: basic fee, minute charge and cardboard case.
Basic fee: Varies depending of thickness and diameter of discs. In all cases basic fee includes one white adhesive sticker and a soft paper case.
Minute charge: 110 huf (0,35 EUR) for every starte minute
Case: Basic fee includes the price of the soft paper case. Hardcase cardboard case is an extra option.
Mastering: Simple mastering (correction), track mastering (mixing + mastering), album mastering with different prices and notes.
Most popular disc
12” disc
1,5 mm thick- 4 200 HUF (13,5 EUR), on stock
2,0 mm hick - 4 600 HUF (15 EUR), on stock
Other discs
12” disc, transparent version
2,0 mm thick - 4 600 HUF (15 EUR), on stock
10” disc
1,5 mm thick - 3 600 HUF (11,5 EUR), on stock
7” small disc
1,5 mm  thick - 3 000 HUF (9,8 EUR), with small hole,  on stock
1,5 mm  thick - 3 000 HUF (9,8 EUR), with big hole,  on stock
Minute charge: 110 HUF  (0,35 EUR)
Cardboard cases
10- 12" white, thick cardboard - 240 HUF (0,8 EUR)
7"  white, thick cardboard- 150 HUF (0,5 EUR)



simple mastering (correction): 5.000 HUF (16,7 EUR) /track
Track mastering (mixing + master): 15.000 HUF (50 EUR) / track
Album mastering (10 track): 25.000 HUF (84 EUR) / track


In case of bigger quantity order please ask for an individual offer!