Maximum 24 minutes can be stored on one side of a 12” disc, however this amount will harm quality. The following table gives information about the optimal time period per side:


45 Rpm        33 Rpm

12"   8-9 minperc   / 12-13 minperc

10"      6 minperc    /   9 minperc      

 7"    3-4 minperc    /      -           


We don't cut „duplates”. According to experiences, endurance of our discs exeeds of those of the original, pressed discs, whic results in hundreds of plays withouth perceivable quality distortion.

The basic volume of disc depends on the written sound lenght.The less sound is written on the bigger the volume.

According to the the above table we cut on +6 dB at optimal length, and at maximal length we go below even 0 dB.

Limits if cutting are normally the same as for pressing. The frequency of sound can be between 20 Hz – 18 kHz. Stereo effects should be handled with care. It is impossible to write on very low bass voice with stereo effects (eg. phaser, or chorus effects are forbidden).

Just like pressed ones, discs cut by us are usable for scratching.